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The career trajectory of the Television Reporter doesn't usually start with Investigative Reporting and end with telling d*&% jokes! But Yvette Fernandez has never been traditional, and she couldn't be more proud. Turns out standing behind a microphone in a basement making people laugh is just as exciting as standing behind a microphone in a hurricane!


Yvette is a smart, quick-tongued "citizen of the world" whose comedy reflects a journalist's wordsmith abilities. Her insightful wit examines everything from race relations to life as a “cougar” (or, una leóna).


It is only a matter of time before we see her on television again--Whether it's on Comedy Central or America's Most Wanted remains to be seen.


Yvette is based in The Bay Area but performs all over California and the Western US.

She is the Creator and Producer of The Colorful Comedy Series, a showcase focusing on the funny side of diversity.

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